Delicious Carolina Reaper Chili Syrup

Hello everyone and a WARM welcome to my new blog! I am going to start with a recipe that you may find interesting. This is a splendid well to use your chili peppers if you are, just like me, growing peppers!

See my Simple Chili Sauce Recipe for more uses of chili peppers.

Chili Syrup Recipe

This fiery hot syrup is both simple and very good. It is very tasty to drizzle the syrup on fresh berries (e.g., strawberries, raspberries or blueberries), ice cream or on the apple slices in your favorite apple pie!

I made this chili syrup using one of my favorite chili peppers, namely the Carolina Reaper. The reaper belongs to the category of really hot chili peppers and have an incredibly good flavour, both in smell and taste, and that’s what I really like it about it. Oh yeah, did you konw that it is also easy to grow in your apartment and provides plenty of fruit! Good news, right?! But of course you can make chili suryp on the whatever chili you want. If you don’t grow chili for yourself, I recommend that you use regular red Habanero which is available to buy in almost every grocery store.

Note, sugar suppresses the heat of the chili pepper and if you use milder chili varieties such as Jalapeño or red pepper, I suspect that the heat would disappear altogether. Despite a really hot chili my chili syrup ended up with a moderate heat. I mean also ”normal” people can eat it. Not just chili heads and daredevil! But all comes down on the amount of chili you use, of course!


  • 1 cup white syrup
  • 5 g of Carolina reaper, or another chil, of the hotter type. Customize the weight to what strength you want to achieve. (Use about 20-25g if you use Habanero.)


  1. Pour the syrup in a glass jar.
  2. Slice the peppers in half on the length (they should not be seeded) and add to the syrup with the cut surface down.
  3. Press them down under the surface as best you can.
  4. Let the jar stand in the window for 4-6 weeks.
  5. Take away the fruits and pour over the syrup in a nice bottle or jar.

Make sure that you use the chili peppers. To throw chlli which is not poor is almost a crime…

I hope you found this interesting and that you will follow my writings as you will find other uses of chili peppers as well as tips, tricks, and guides on how to grow chili peppers!

Written on May 5, 2018